Our Fulfillment Process

Our fulfillment process breaks down into five parts:

Phase One: You (or your customer support agent) send over a daily list of orders that you need us to ship. If you want to connect to our api directly, we offer that as an option as well. However, we highly suggest that your daily order list is combined manually to decrease mistakes (losses).

If you need a customer support agent, or our help in compiling the daily list, we offer that as well.

Phase Two: We print the labels for your orders.

Phase Three: We package you orders. If any item was out of stock, we will refund the label and notify you.

Phase Four: We double check your orders and then ship your orders before the daily cut-off time.

Phase Five: We manually create a list of the orders that were shipped, and include a daily “sitrep” (aka a report).

I would like to mention that we do not charge for “warehouse rent” or to process returns.

We will soon offer a web based inventory management tracker so you can easily track your current inventory with us in real time.

If you are interested in US fulfillment, contact us now, and let’s chat.