About Surge

With 16+ years of internet marketing under his belt, and around 8 years of successfully running eCommerce drop shipping websites, Jon Waraas is your man for USA fulfillment!

In early 2018, Jon rented a warehouse so he could bring his own products in-house. Then a couple of friends wanted their products shipped within the US. And then a few more people wanted their products shipped within the US… and that’s how Surge Fulfillment started.

Jon has had many different businesses over the years, including BuyBlogComments.Com were he was the first person ever to sell blog comments for SEO… no for reals (here is the source)! Jon also ran some of the largest MySpace layout websites at the time.

For the last 8 years though, Jon has been running his own eCommerce stores. The stores used to rely heavily on drop shipping, but he is now moving the top sellers in-house (within the US for faster shipping).

A lot of smart eCommercers (is that a word?) are moving their top selling products products from overseas into the US for fast shipping.. and that is were Surge Fulfillment comes in.

We cater to small to medium eCommerce stores that want fast, USA shipping.

With 8+ years of successfully running his own stores, Jon can help you get your products into the hands of your customers faster.

If you would like to chat with Jon about fulfilling your products, then shoot him a message here.